“Breathe deeply so you don’t strain a muscle squealing at how cute she is!”

“Make sure you have lots of photo storage on your phone, you’re going to need it!”

Or, maybe even, “From now on, take a closer look before assuming someone dropped Cocoa Puffs on the living room rug!

But seriously, if you knew someone who was adopting a rabbit for the first time and you could only give them one piece of advice, what would it be?

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In the world of professional animal trainers, there seem to be only two kinds.  Most everyone is familiar with dog trainers.  From there, it veers immediately into zoos and the circus.  I was willing to accept this as reasonable for most of my life. Not any more. I now believe that for any species of pet, both human and animal will benefit if training is part of the picture.  And not just any kind of training, either.  It should be force-free and based on positive reinforcement.

What made me so adamant about training, even for rabbits?  After I watched this video by Small Pet Select of Dr. Guen Bradbury I realized that training is the best form of communication that we have with another species.  If you are going to live with someone, things are going to work out a lot better if you can talk to each other!

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Things are weird – I think we can all agree on that. Make a silver lining for your rabbit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, including our pets.  My two bunnies have had to get used to me being in “their” space all day long, 5 days a week, talking and tapping away at the computer.   I wonder if it affects the quality of their sleep?  At any rate — the silver lining is, I have more opportunities to do nice things for them.  Like petting, training, and trying out ideas for enrichment.  So I hope they see my intrusion as a plus. 

Today I’ll share one rabbit enrichment tool that was born out of the circumstances of the pandemic.  I’ll also show you how to easily create one for your rabbit. Read more >

Rabbits as Pets?

Most people don’t get rabbits.  I’d wager, recommending a pet rabbit to them is kind of like suggesting they form a relationship with an old sock.  They don’t know how and they don’t see the point.

Thirty some years ago, I was clueless myself.  I’d waited until after college to enhance my home with a pet, but which kind would be best?  A dog didn’t seem practical, because I’d be leaving it alone all day.  I  was allergic to cats.  In a magical moment that literally changed my life, my friend Rebecca said, “Why not get a rabbit?”  The only pet rabbits I’d ever heard of were kept in cages in people’s back yards.  “No”, she said, “you can litter train them.”

Those five words sent me on a lifelong journey that has always included rabbits.  Back then, there was very little information available about pet rabbits.  Today we know a lot more, and the information is literally a click away.  In spite of that, most people are still right where I was back then.

Why are rabbits still widely viewed as boring fluff balls that do nothing but sit in cages?

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