Recent headlines got me Googling about cosmetics testing on rabbits. What I found was disturbing, to say the least. I didn’t realize how horrific the test procedures are, or that test subjects are slaughtered afterwards. Though several countries have banned cosmetics testing, the U.S. still hasn’t. However, there’s at least some good news to report.

Since the onset of COVID-19, I’ve had lots more things delivered. I’ve converted the ensuing logjam of shipping boxes into bunny toys, and even whole rabbit recreation areas. But amid the pandemic, there’s been social media warnings claiming companies are spraying their packages with antibacterials that are toxic to our furry friends. Is it true? 

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8 a.m. Sunday morning: a rustling noise disrupts my blissful doziness. Within a split second, my eyes pop open and head shoots up from the pillow. No, it couldn’t be — it is! Two little long-eared faces look just as startled to see me as I am to discover them. “There’s rabbits in here!,” I bark, flinging my feet to the floor and crouching down to snatch up Moraea as my groggy husband murmurs in snoozy confusion.

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What to buy for the rabbit who’s got everything — and never plays with it!?!? Lots of sites have rabbit toys that look great. You buy them, your bun just stares at you, hops away, and chews the sofa. Sound familiar? Here’s a guide to the Bunny-tested and approved — toys that all get three tails up.

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The bun-lover community is aghast, Twitter all a-chirp with the news from England: Darius, the holder of the Guinness title for world’s largest rabbit, is missing! The poor pet was poached April 10 from an outdoor enclosure at his home in Stoulton, Worcestershire, inspiring one of the New York Times’ most emailed articles last week. As a bunny blogger, I feel a duty, or at least an irresistible urge, to add my three cents.

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Moraea here. So, my female humie probably had other plans for her blog this week. Like some dreary treatise on all the yummy snacks rabbits aren’t allowed to eat because it’ll make them fat. Anyway, she left the keyboard unattended and her desk chair out, and I’ve got something much more important to tell you:

It’s my bunniversary!

So this post is all about me.

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When you see furballs as cute as rabbits, you immediately want to pet them. But do the objects of your adoration welcome your enthusiastic touch? 

Consider my experience — not as a bunny, but as a kid. I used to dread greeting family friend “Uncle Jack” because he’d plant these incredibly sloppy kisses on our cheeks. Knowing it would be rude to rebuff his frothy howdys, I’d smile weakly until he turned away, then quickly wipe my face.

So, how can you avoid being the equivalent of “Uncle Jack” to the rabbits in your life?

Every rabbit adopter knows the deal: You fall in love with a graceful, adorable, wide-eyed, bundle of silken fur and bring him home. Then he hops onto your living room rug, and unveils his alter-ego: a 24/7 poop factory! Whether you’re just starting out or old friends, here’s the scoop on managing the poop. Continue reading “Bunny Litter Bin Basics (or, What to Do with a Load of Hare S—)”