We need to leave for our vet appointment in less than ten minutes.

I’ve scooped up Monty, my furry white whale of a boy. It was easy only because he’d been asleep. Monty’s theme song? “Don’t Fence Me In.” He’s scaled thirty-six inch exercise pens. As I load him in the crate, he clearly disapproves. I manage to safely tuck his nose inside before hurriedly latching the door.

Now it’s Pixel’s turn. But my delicate diva of a daintily dappled Rex has been alerted by the flurry of Monty’s capture. She knows something’s up and wants none of it.

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Come Saturday morning, Moraea, Finnegan, and I head out on an errand. When I open the car door, both bunnies joyfully hop right in. They ride with their noses pressed to the windows, excited to view the passing scenery. Arriving back home, they jump down from their little car seats and cheerfully follow me inside.

OK, that’s pure fantasy. As much as I’d love to bring my little fuzz-faces with me wherever I go, they wouldn’t like it; not one bit.

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“Ahem,” said Finnegan.

OK, Finnegan didn’t actually clear his throat.  But he did the rabbit equivalent: hopped over to my chair and looked up at me.  A bunny never does this unless he has something to say.

“What’s up, Finnegan?”

“Couldn’t help noticing, you’re eating an apple.” he said, licking both sides of his harelip.

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This week, I prepared my post as usual. Then it hit me. Here in the U.S. at least, who is going to have the focus to read a Bunbrary installment the day after the election? I doubt I will. So, instead of my planned article, I’ll do my best to give you a break from all that stuff with the ultimate antidote to election stress: Rabbits!