About The Bunbrary Blog

by Melinda


In 1985 I brought home two bonded rabbits to keep as pets.  I have had rabbits in my home almost continuously since that day.

Those first two rabbits were purchased from a breeder.  They were both unspayed females – at the time attempting to spay a female rabbit was akin to sentencing her to death because the anaesthetic techniques were not well enough developed.  I kept the pair largely caged, and insisted on holding them.  It took me a while to habituate them to being held, basically by force.  They ate Purina Rabbit Chow, exclusively.  

The rabbits who live with me today were adopted as rescues.  They are spayed/neutered.  They are never caged.  I go to great lengths to avoid having to pick them up.  Their diet is primarily hay.  I invest a lot of time in training them, not by force, but rather, by positive reinforcement.

I believe that life is a journey of learning. I think it’s OK to make mistakes, so long as I’m committed to learning every day and improving whenever I can.  I can’t claim to know everything because I never will.

This blog is about learning, not only for people who live with rabbits, but anyone who loves to learn.  It’s also about the rabbits themselves, who can learn, too!

I invite you to come learn with me, learn from me, let me learn from you.  I hope we will have fun together, and that our furry friend(s) will benefit as well.