Rabbits as Pets?

Most people don’t get rabbits.  I’d wager, recommending a pet rabbit to them is kind of like suggesting they form a relationship with an old sock.  They don’t know how and they don’t see the point.

Thirty some years ago, I was clueless myself.  I’d waited until after college to enhance my home with a pet, but which kind would be best?  A dog didn’t seem practical, because I’d be leaving it alone all day.  I  was allergic to cats.  In a magical moment that literally changed my life, my friend Rebecca said, “Why not get a rabbit?”  The only pet rabbits I’d ever heard of were kept in cages in people’s back yards.  “No”, she said, “you can litter train them.”

Those five words sent me on a lifelong journey that has always included rabbits.  Back then, there was very little information available about pet rabbits.  Today we know a lot more, and the information is literally a click away.  In spite of that, most people are still right where I was back then.

Why are rabbits still widely viewed as boring fluff balls that do nothing but sit in cages?

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