Moraea here. So, my female humie probably had other plans for her blog this week. Like some dreary treatise on all the yummy snacks rabbits aren’t allowed to eat because it’ll make them fat. Anyway, she left the keyboard unattended and her desk chair out, and I’ve got something much more important to tell you:

It’s my bunniversary!

So this post is all about me.

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Easter time is here: Peak bunny time in the Western world! For me, the highlight is the irresistible selection of rabbit-themed housewares: Do I get the cute pink-eared coat hook or that lagomorph lamp with the carrot on/off switch? But others might be tempted to bring home a live long-eared love for the holiday. 

Here’s the fantasy: a life of blissful cuddles on demand with a gentle, affectionate, and attentive furry companion.

The reality? A mix of comfort and chaos (“OK, who chewed on my checkbook?”), delight and drudgery (“I thought it was your turn to clean the litterbox!”). Whether the good outweighs the bad depends on whether a bunny is a good fit for your household and lifestyle.

So, should you get a pet rabbit?

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