T’was the night before Christmas and all through the hutch
The buns were a’lazin’, not expecting much.
Their greens had been served, the usual fare.
Litter boxes were cleaned, and fresh hay was there.

Their house was bedecked, a fresh tree within it,
Set in a corner, lit up, and off-limits
To marauding young buns, now well out of reach.
A source of frustration for eager bun teeth.

All at once a great bunny thump did arise.
The buns in the hutch shook themselves with surprise,
Hopped out on the floor, slipped behind the big chair,
And peered ’round the side to see what was there.

At the base of the chimney, all covered in soot,
A huge Flemish Giant was licking his foot,
And washing his face with his fluffy white paws.
The buns knew at once it must be Bunna Claus.

In a wink his thick fur was as white as the snow,
His great ears were atwitch, his red eyes were aglow
As he hoisted his bag and leapt o’er the ex-pen
To the base of the tree which had been forbidden.

He wasted no time digging into his sack, 
Soon out were flying the tastiest snacks:
Oat groats, rose petals, and bags of dried ‘nanner –
He flung them about in a haphazard manner.

Then came the toys: many baskets of willow,
Braids of rare hays and a plush lounging pillow,
A tunnel for digging, some fruit woods to chew,
Cardboard boxes to tear, and some puzzle toys, too!

Having emptied his bag, then emerged the old chap
Looking as though he might like a good nap.
But instead, with a binky, he vaulted the gate,
Tossed his great ears, spun around and sat straight.

He gave them a wink with his cherry red eye,
Then back up the chimney that rabbit did fly,
Calling out, as he disappeared from their sight:
Hoppy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

The Fluffy Tail of This Blog Post

Thank you esteemed readers, and especially subscribers, for sharing your rabbit journey with me! Your support means so much and I love seeing your comments. 

I wish you a safe and pleasant holiday week, followed by a happy and uplifting new year.

I will be taking a short break. I knew producing weekly content would be a challenge. I am pooped! But lots more to come in 2021.

P.S. you can also enjoy the traditional human version of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore

Credit: background parchment Image for poem by mzter from Pixabay

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